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United States
Hello, I'm Cadavie!
I'm a college student who likes to make art in Photoshop and write a bit of fanfiction in her spare time. I'm looking to make friends on Deviantart!
Thanks for stopping by my page and don't hesitate to reach out to me!



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Carmine Quarry Ref Sheet
I'm proud to post my first OC and Ponysona: Carmine Quarry!
Carm is an earth pony mining engineer, who travels Equestria and beyond to help open new mines and maintain old ones across the land. She attended school in Canterlot, and now has a house in Ponyville. Carm cares very much for the environment and takes great pride in the amount of regard she has for preserving the wildlife in the areas she mines.
Carmine uses obscene language commonly, which can incite negative reactions from some ponies. 

I used this base:…. Thank you, Equine-Bases!

I'll definitely update this as I begin to develop her character more. But I thought I'd go ahead and introduce her to the world. 
Mudmask is a Warrior cat OC of mine I used to role play when I was younger. I figured that eight years later she deserves to be drawn.

Mudmask's back leg was caught in a forest fire and though she recovered from her wounds, the hair never grew back and she never regained full strength in that leg. Mudmask was a formidable warrior for Shadowclan. She never bore kits but had many apprentices and was well respected among her clanmates. She never had a desire to become a clan leader but was considered for the deputy position until she lost her eye in a battle with Thunderclan. It was very difficult for her to come to terms with the fact that she was no longer able to hunt or fight as well as she had before, and she held a grudge against the cat that took out her eye for a long time. Losing her eye ruined her depth perception and hastened her retirement. Nevertheless, she continued to teach apprentices how to fight for many moons.

Mudmask meets her end when she is hunting near some cliffs. She misjudges a distance and falls. However, she died fulfilled, knowing that she did everything she could for her clan until the very end.
PitterPaint Contest Entry: Mirage x Zenith

It was midday, and her mother’s hot sun beat down on Mirage as she walked the streets of Canterlot. She was passing the entrance to one of the Canterlot public libraries when she spotted a light green figure perched upon one of the courtyard’s decorative columns. Mirage sighed at the blatant disregard of the rules, and stretched her wings, intent on reprimanding the transgressor. The column was just high enough off the ground that she would have to fly to reach the top, and Mirage despised flying. As the heiress to the sun approached the green shape she recognized a female changeling, reading and basking in the sunlight.

“Pr- princess Zenith?”

Zenith looked up from her book and fixed her bright blue eyes on the royal mare. Her voice was velvety when she spoke.

“Why, hello! You must be Mirage.” Her eyes brightened, interested. “I see the stories about the gorgeous Canterlot princesses are true.”

Mirage’s chest fur fluffed up at the comment, but she quickly smoothed it and regained her composure. Her mother’s foreign diplomacy lessons had prepared her for such comments.

“I was under the impression you were going to arrive by train today. I had looked forward to our formal meeting scheduled for tonight’s dinner.”

“Oh, I did arrive today. All of my things have already been moved into the castle for my visit.”

“Then, if I may be so bold to ask, what are you doing out here? Was the castle library not sufficient to your needs?” Mirage fretted. The last thing she wanted was to be a bad hostess.

“Oh, I despise stuffy old castles. Hard for a bug to breathe in there if you ask me. This spot is perfect though; it’s sunny and the architecture around here is beautiful, much like the ponies.”

Zenith drew her hoof across the column and batted her eyelashes at the heiress. Irritated, Mirage remembered that was why she had flown up here in the first place.

“Yes, well, I don’t believe the architecture is meant to be sat upon.”

A playful twinkle appeared in Zenith’s eyes.

“Of course, your majesty.” She teleported the book she was reading away in a puff of green magic, and deftly jumped to the ground. Mirage descended beside her.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a stickler for the rules, princess. What with your father being a lord of chaos and all.”

A twinge of pain crossed Mirage’s face, but she quickly stifled it to return to her somber state. She tossed her head and declared, “My mother is my teacher. She is preparing me to rule Equestria when I am older. I have no time for such trivial things as chaos.” They stared at one another for a moment. “I’m sorry this is how we had to meet. I will escort you back to the castle now if you wish, Princess Zenith.”

Zenith shrugged and walked alongside the draconeques hybrid in silence. The quiet weighed heavy in the air.

“So, erm, what were you reading about?” Mirage asked, in a desperate attempt to make small talk.

“Changeling magic.”

“The book your father wrote? Why not just ask him yourself?”

“Thorax is often very busy managing the integration of changelings into pony society. I may travel with him but we rarely have an opportunity to talk. It’s quite… disheartening.” Zenith finished, looking into the cloudless sky.

Mirage was taken aback by the changeling hybrid’s words. It was almost as if Zenith understood the pain she was going through with her own father, Discord.

 “So, I’m trying to spend more time with him, by accompanying him on this trip. I thought it would be a nice change from the snowy empire to come see the royals down south. And so far, it has been.”

She looked at the Mirage and smiled sincerely.

The pair reached the castle steps and paused. Zenith closed the distance between them and her brilliant blue eyes were suddenly very close to Mirage, causing the heiress’s breath to hitch in her throat. She noted that the changeling smelled of fragrant flowers.

“If I have made you feel uncomfortable today, princess, I deeply and humbly apologize.”

“Um- uh, why, no- um, not at all Miss Zenith.”

“Good,” Zenith ascended the stairs, and took one last look over her shoulder. She winked.  “Because you’re adorable when you’re flustered.” Before Mirage could respond, the changeling princess had disappeared into the castle with a flick of her shiny tail.

A blush bloomed on Mirage’s cheeks as she watched the castle door close. She realized her chest fur had fluffed up again. This time it was much more difficult to smooth down.  


Yay! I finally finished my entry for the wonderful PitterPaint 's 2000 watcher contest! Mirage and Zenith are such beautiful characters, I had to draw them. I would love to think Zenith could be the one to get Mirage to loosen up a little bit. Phew, Mirage's hair took some time to figure out how to draw digitally!

Anyways, I hope you like it! Congrats on the 2000 watchers!


The Daily Grind Doodle
This is a doodle from a fanfiction I wrote for Lopoddity ,which can be found here:…. This doodle was heavily referenced from this drawing:… and if that is an issue I will remove it swiftly. I'm not sure if that's considered art theft but I definitely don't want to offend Lop. Anyway, I had fun drawing Eerie here with bed hair and her shit-eating grin.


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